Traditional Different Saree Wearing in india

A classical drape, ravenously reinterpreted,endlessly evolving, feted in fashion circles, and yet, very much also a part of our everyday lives, the Sarees is the life breath of India. The Saree Festival attempts to create an ongoing tribute to this most amoebic pahnawa, most wondrous, the warp and weft of which has kept traditions as well as movement alive.

The festival presents an exposition of Sarees created in styles and diverse media, using artistic vocabularies and diverse techniques . Platforms which foreground the Saree tend to focus on either one of its styles: traditional,orcontemporary.

different saree wearing in indiaVarious Saree exhibitions and showings signal an engagement with the vast diversity of traditional Sarees created by weavers from different parts of India, also featuring interventions in this genre by contemporary designers. Much in contrast to this “traditional” approach, at the other end of the Sarees spectrum is the reinterpretations of the Sarees at a structural /formal level by contemporary designers trained in the discipline of fashions. A third stream of the Sarees universe brings us to a new idiom – a language of digital graphics and print. This vocabulary is all pervasive, in its grand sweep from the large daddies of fashion to the street side Sarees shops working with a mass produced industrial aesthetic.

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