Sarees are fashionable and sexy costume that is draped by every fashion loving women. But tips are always fine to make your fashion thoughts more bright and sharp. A little care can always make a lot differences.


About the body frame, the sarees should be in proportional to your body frames. Suppose you are plump, you must avoid sleeveless cuts and wear dark colors. And if you prefer to wear lighter shades then go for dull colors. You need to avoid the heavy embroidery attires. Always try the small, vertical lines and prints, so that you will get a perfect slim look. While talking about the skin tones, suppose ones with a darker skin tone should wrap up the goldish copper shade. Glittering Gold to blood red all would do wonders in looks. But if you have a whitish complexion then go for mixed earthy shades like beige, white and bronze color shades. Also matching right make ups and matching heel shoes made you look excellent. It is up to your style definitions. Even you can choose pencil heels for your moments. The right makeup’s can make your face as bright as like your saree. It is also necessary to be glam to match with the overall looks.


Always avoid the smaller size sarees. It makes a miss match in overall looks. It makes your looks fatty and over expressed. Also it is as important as the right choice of blouse. Always wear the perfect blouse for your sarees and make sure it is perfectly stitched. If the stitching goes wrong, your overall looks go wrong.   The choices of shoes are many but the apt matching is preferred, same for the makeups. Also keep in mind that avoids much experimentation on grand functions and parties. Try it somewhere.

Hope this helpful guide would help your fashion insights. Have a nice day.

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