How to Wear Saree To Look SLIM And Better

 How to Wear Saree To Look SLIM And Better

Look Slim with saree

Sarees are excellent and one of the most flexible kind of clothing. Just like other attires, while purchasing a saree, you need to remember that saree can give you normal as well as slim looks. It fairly depends on the fabrics you choose and the draping styles. The color, prints and the borders also contributes some magic in looks. In terms of the fabrics, the light weight fabrics are very apt to get a nice slim looks. The choices of light weight fabrics are chiffon, crepe and georgette. They perfectly stick around your body. The fabrics like cotton and brocade will not be perfect if you want to look slim. They are overall heavy.

Select always the small print, motifs sarees, they can make you look elegant and slim. The large prints are not suited if you are looking for a slim look. While considering the border look, bigger or broad border make you look shorter. So, slim borders or sarees with no borders were fine for slim and taller looks. The color consideration, dark colors can make you slimmer and your skin color must get brighter. Colors play a good role in your looks.

Finally the draping, it is the most important thing which might be able to cover the faults you did in the above mentioned things. So make the perfect drape and glorify your looks. I bet you will look slimmer if you follow the above. Have a great experience.

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