How to Wear a Saree Same As Celebrities


How to Wear a Saree Same As Celebrities

We love sarees for its amazing nature and attractive looks. But some of us prefer ‘No to Sarees’ because of its difficulties in wearing. But I’m explaining the simple strategies of wearing a saree. Once you will learn, you will never leave the sarees because of its amazing looks. It’s easy and cool. Here the main focus is on how to be as glorious as the celebs. Wearing a saree is not a big deal, how we wore it matters. From various cultures and traditions, we inspired the draping techniques.

Kalapana Shah says that her wish for the Indian woman is to embrace her inheritance, her natural and identity, rather than the struggles. She also adds “I would have every Indian woman wear with pride, what I believe is a symbol of all that is wonderful and beauteous – the eternally elegant Saree”. Style in sarees and its art, were kalpana shah is mastered. Saree looks superbly elegant when you get it right on wearing. But it is prone to horrendous wardrobe malfunctions if it draped wrong. Over the years, we draped the celebs ranging from super models to film stars. The best fit attire for any women is only the sarees.

Saree should be comfort fitted for the wearer in every sense, because the moments are no longer restricted with the fear that the saree may get disarranged. The comfort feel is a great thing that always boosts confidence and energy levels. As we all know that the draping styles are different from north to south of India. Even the event wise, it also changes. Like the cocktail parties, weddings and the celebrations etc. The whole nine yard piece clothing is a symbol of excellence and flexibility. For better mobility, the better draping needed. All should be done within minutes; it should be the right and safest clothing.





learn a draping sareeStep-by-Step-guide-to-draping-a-bengali-saree

learn a draping bengali saree

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