Don’t Make Some Mistakes While Wearing a Saree

wearing-a-sareeDon’t Make These Mistakes While Wearing a Saree

Sarees are the loved costume that we always prefer. Saree are very customary costume that makes your appearance better. Sarees can be worn in the most customary manner. Saree enhances your shape as well. There are various things that you need to prior to acquire the good look of the sarees. Some little mistakes can make the looks totally spoiled. So let’s discuss those massive disasters, and the ideas or solutions to resolve those.

Some of the highlighted mistakes are


Wearing Wrong Sandals



The sandals like tall heels, stilettos are excellent with most of the Indian designer sarees. Try to avoid the slipper like chapels while wearing a saree.

Sometimes your attire mismatches with the occasion  


Mismatch the attire with the occasion is a major problem that most of us facing. Mainly we are giving its reason as we don’t having much attire in our cupboards. But I am telling you that even if you don’t having much attire; you can make the best look with your available few costumes. Also whenever you purchase next, keep in mind that the selection must be perfect for a combo of occasions. Wearing the light weight, understated colored saree is not optional for a official function like a marriage and engagement. Similarly, the fine and pretty saree in good looks with heavy embellishments is strictly not for your office party.

Using heavy Jewellery


Heavy- jewellery-mistakes

Always take some guidance from others while wearing the apt jewellery. Excess of wearing the jewellery is also looks ugly. If your saree is very well in embroidery and having golden borders, along with that you can wear necessary ornaments. It primarily depends on the occasion you were supposed to go. The occasions like weddings and engagements, you can wear more ornaments, but stay in the limit. Other occasions like meetings, it is best to avoid much. For all of that, you can approach anyone with good fashion views.

Experimenting The Styles




Some experiments will make your impression permanently down. So always do more researches before experiment a new concept. Also don’t get over worried to do something. It also leads you to depression. So always give the best try.

4. Mismatch with the occasion  


This is also main factor of Mismatch with the occasion. Mismatch with the event one more fault that you should avoid making, so as to avoid yourself from being a amused. You might be having some choices between the massive collection with the aim of you have. But, that does not denote you would wear them irrespective of the party. Wearing light-weight and understated colored saree is not optional for a official function like a marriage and engagement. Similarly, that fine material pretty the good looks of your attire is a ‘strict no’ for trying in the office party.

Flared petticoat


Flared- petticoat Mistakes

Always go for the fine fitted petticoats, So that it adds the best looks to your saree.

Adding too many ads

Adding-too-many-aidesToo many aids also give a wrong impact. For eg:- The safety pins that we use to make the saree stay fit, but too much pins must not be used. Also make sure that it is not visible anywhere. If it is so, it looks little vulgar. Applying pins on the light weight sarees may lead to scratch the saree.

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